Feature & Short Movie
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Featured Works Showreel
Gucci Flora with Chris Cunningam (2008, worked as 2nd unit DOP) (480p)
Pergale II
Pergalė I
Ikea. Christmas
VIFF. Spring
Elmenhorster/ Naturina. Dog
BITE/ Labas. Dėdė Miegas
Elmenhorster/ Naturina. Metalhead
Elmenhorster/ Naturina. Father
Omnitel / Woman Thoughts
Omnitel / Student thoughts
Time Together/ Mark Aerial
Omnitel. Thoughtful father
KIFF. Cinefiles (2015)
The Queen of England Stole My Parents
Stumbras. Organic (DOP: Ed Mash/ Vydmantas Plepys)
Kalnapilis. Happy Joe
T.Sinickis. Laugh and Tears
Tele2. Dance
KIFF. Moments
Tele2/ Pildyk series
Tele2/ Pildyk series
KIFF. Different She
KIFF. Different He
Markas Palubenka. Woman of Stone
Western Union. Student
Neteisėtai padaryti. Galvotas
Tele2. Grandfather
Akropolis. Shower
Akropolis. Wind
KIFF. Answers
TEO. Vienaratis
Mamma Jazz. Music to cleanse you
Omnitel/ Ežys. Crouching Badger
Akropolis. Spring
Neptūnas. Dinner
LR. Bandit
Tele2/ Pildyk series
Omnitel/ Ežys. Chameleon
Omnitel/ Ežys. Watermelons
LR. Priest
Tele2/ Pildyk series
Tele2/ Pildyk series
Tele2/ Pildyk series
Tele2/ Pildyk series
Tele2/ Pildyk series
Monkey Brothers (2007). Today at the end of the day (Official Music VIdeo 2007, small)
Dead body asks for help (2003)
No Money, No Sex (2004)
Ils Vous Baisent La Main /They Kiss Your Hands (1997, France)
Topo centras. Christmas
Iki. Star Wars (Jedi)
IKI / Star Wars (School)