In year 1997, after studies In Lithuanian Theater & Music Academy for theatre & TV director’s specialty Vydmantas moved on & learn the real film making as it was his true love & passion. He started working/learning on the film set as the clapper-loader on TV Series“The New Adventures of Robin Hood” done by American companies Tarnview Ltd. /Weintraub/Kuhn Prod..

Simultaneously I was participating in Contemporary Arts & Documentary films making with  famous artists Gintaras Makarevicius, Evaldas Jansas, Dainius Liskevicius, Mariane Vitale, Mark Arial Waller, Karolis Jankus, Darius Miksys, Valdas Ozarinskas & others.

Step by step he was moving up professionally as a camera assistant & focus puller for international projects on feature films, TV series, commercials, music videos from various countries (IMDB).

He’ve got more skills of Camera operating by doing camera operator work for Swedish TV series “Thicker Than Water“  and  movies such as “Transiberian”, “Special Forces”, “Nature Unleashed”, “Snappnhanar”,  “War & Peace” & others where he was doing A, B or additional camera operators job. In between he’ve also been shooting short films, music videos & commercials in Lithuania as the Director of photography or additional camera operator.

Directors he had a honour to work with: Ernestas Jankauskas, Tracey Rowe, Chris Cunningham, Billy Pols, Daniel Bruce, Simas Askelavicius, Fredrik Callinggard, Titas Sudzius, Alante Kavaite,  Mark Aerial Waller, Gintaras Makarevicius, Darius Miniotas, Jonas Trukanas, Justas Ramanauskas, Karolis Jankus.

Vydmantas takes great pleasure in working alongside on international crew with highly professional colleagues the world over. He is residing in Vilnius for the foreseeable future.

Should you have any queries regarding the above or would like to discuss anything of mutual interest, please feel free to call me!

Here you can find a list of companies Vydmantas had pleasure to work on film, music videos, shorty’s, documentaries & commercials:

ABC / Lincoln Square Prod , Tarnview Ltd, Showtime Networks Inc., Columbia Broadcasting System, Storyfire AB, Weintraub/Kuhn Prod., USA Cable Entertainment,Rat Pack Filmproduction Gmbh., DCTV Tokyo Prod. Inc., The Bedford Falls Company/Grosvenor Park Prod., Stricly Baltic, Dansu Films, Grandma Prod., Angels Films, Starwoks Prod., The Magic, Idea Fixe, Family Prod., Art Box, Parashoot Prod., Full Frame Films, Magnet Films, The Great Rocket Prod., Baltic Pine Films, Ahill, Pantaleon Pictures, Fireworks Entertainment, FATT Prod. /NH, Nafta films, Nicedrama AB/Dansu Films, Artbox Films, Full Screen Prod., Fralita Film, TeamWork X/ LKS, Nordic Production, Zest, Dangerous films Ltd. , Spotlight Entertainment, Pink Rabbit Prod., Fu Works Prod., WFDiF & Donela Studio Ltd., Company Television Prod. Ltd., The Bedford Falls Company/Grosvenor Park Prod., Paul Sherwood Prod., Filmax group., Lux Vide, Eos Film, Pampa Production, Rai Fictions, Filmlance Prod., Mandala/Davis-Panzer/LKS Prod., Orange Pictures Ltd., Dragonfly Films Ltd., Baltic Film Services, BBC, The Ajimae Group Ltd., Skyline Ltd., Westside Filmproduction, Studio Eight Prod.Inc. c/o GFT Entertainment Inc., Martien A.V.V., Drotcroft Ltd., IFM Film Associates Inc., Manchego Prod., Victoria Stauss Prod., Dr. Atul Sharma Prod.,Shooting Spree Prod., & other